E-REGIO consortium meeting in Halden:

Future E-REGIO actions decided

During the one-day meeting, the project partners started out presenting their progress, before moving on to concretizing plans for future work.

By Heidi Tuiskula, Smart Innovation Norway

On October 20th, the E-REGIO project organised the 3rd meeting since the beginning of the project at Smart Innovation Norway’s premises in Halden, Norway. The meeting was led by project manager, professor Bernt A. Bremdal.

The day began with presentations of progress reports on the different tasks related to business model development and market design, end-user concerns related to adopting neighbourhood energy and flexibility trading and pilot plans and implementation of the E-REGIO market in the ICT platform.


Xue Wang from KIC InnoEnergy Sweden presented the first iteration of business model development for the E-REGIO market. The presentation raised an interesting discussion around the “chicken-and-egg” dilemma between functioning market structures and associated business models.

Xue continued with presenting the status of the Swedish pilot installations. The first part of the installations is already completed and the pilot is in good progress.

Xue continued with presenting the status of the Swedish pilot installations. The first part of the installations is already completed and the pilot is in good progress.

Next, Stig Simonsen presented the Norwegian pilot by Skagerak Energi. Where the Swedish pilot focuses on buildings in Örebro, Sweden, the Norwegian pilot will demonstrate the technology and market at Skagerak Arena, a sports stadium located in Skien, Norway. The benefit of having such different pilot setups is to showcase the flexibility of the E-REGIO market.


Agustin A. Sánchez from Eindhoven University of Technology went on presenting the local market design. The consortium had a fruitful discussion over next steps, and a decision was made to increase the collaboration around business model development and market design even more.

Iliana Ilieva from Smart innovation Norway presented the end-users' concerns regarding participation in local markets. A deep understanding of the motivation of different end-users to participate in the local energy and flexibility trading, is crucial to developing a functioning and attractive market.  


Next up was Terje Lundby from eSmart Systems, who described the progress of local market implementation platform development. As this will be the core development enabling the implementation of local markets, the interaction between platform developer and market developers as well as with pilots is important.

Last action point in the meeting was dissemination and communication. Heidi Tuiskula from Smart Innovation Norway presented the final draft for the project factsheet and the new web site of the E-REGIO project to receive feedback from the partners. The website can be found at http://www.eregioproject.com.


The communication and dissemination goals were discussed and plans for near future actions were decided both for the whole project and the dissemination activities. The meeting was concluded with an E-REGIO team photoshoot.

This project has received funding in the framework of the joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus. The initiative has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 646039.