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Successful E-REGIO Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

On September 6th, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the E-REGIO project was run from eSmart Systems offices in Halden, Norway.

By Mari Buckholm, Smart Innovation Norway

The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a major delivery in the E-REGIO project and in the beginning of September it was successfully completed. Based on data provided by the project pilot, Skagerak Energi, the FAT was run to demonstrate and verify the functionality of the integrated eSmart platform.


“The integrated eSmart platform is a central delivery in the E-REGIO project. The platform will be used by the Flexibility Operator, which is Skagerak Energi, to manage flexibility from flexibility providers and offer this to flexibility customers,” explains Xiaomei Cheng, senior researcher at Smart Innovation Norway.


The FAT tested six different sections for flexibility trading management for Skagerak Energi. The sections are:

  1. Master data and Configurations

  2. Contract Management

  3. Events and external information

  4. Meter values management and prediction

  5. Flexibility Management Optimization

  6. Control signals management


The test went well and eSmart Systems recorded the results for each process. The test results have been uploaded below.

Participants in the test: Stig Simonsen (Skagerak Energi), Anders Oftebro Bjørnøy (Skagerak Energi), Xiaomei Cheng (Smart Innovation Norway), Jon Spetaas (eSmart Systems), Susann Kjellin Eriksen (eSmart Systems) and Frida Josefin Sund (eSmart Systems).

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